Pyrotechnic Devices

Rocket Motors

Energetics Technology Ltd have developed a low cost, melt castable propellant for use in high volume rocket production. Formulated to meet new environmental requirements while optimising cost / performance ratio.

The new propellants ignite readily from a shotshell primer or electric match head with <100ms rise time.

  • Green propellant (lead, sulphur and chlorine free)
  • Low cost castable formulation
  • Fully recyclable components
  • Compatible with current hand fired rocket systems
  • Easily modified to incorporate pyrotechnic delay assemblies for extended ballistic phase and payload ejection

This propellant has been incorporated into a range of rocket motors including 18mm, 24mm, 38mm and 46mm motors primarily used in SOLAS products such as parachute illuminating distress flares and ship-to-ship line throwing devices.

Various burn rates, thrust profiles and effects can be tailored to future systems

For information on available rocket motors or propellant applications please contact us on +44 (0) 1283 732 339.


Pyro Delays

With a range standard and newly developed formulations, pressed pyrotechnics delays from 150ms to 12 seconds can be achieved.

New generation delay compositions are being developed to satisfy REACH regulations

Gasless compositions are used to achieve high reliability, accuracy across a range of altitudes.

Gassy delays can be deliver a range of outputs for use in ignition of pyrotechnic devices and pyromechanisms.

Manufactured with fully traceable components in accordance with our ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.

To discuss your application please contact us on +44 (0) 1283 732 339.

Gas Generators


Gas generators are electrically initiated pyrotechnic cartridges that produce copious volumes of gas for rapid mechanical displacement.     

Using the Energetics Technology Ltd proprietary propellant formulation a range of gas generators have been developed for use in the Fire & Safety Industry.

This includes self-pressurising fire suppression systems in military and automotive platforms where conventional CO2 stores do not have the required performance.

Our propellant formulation can be tailored to a range of applications where lower temperature gases are required such as reusable hoses. They are portable and lightweight, able to go where hydraulics and compressed air can’t.

Typical gas generation times are 200 -1000 milliseconds, with variable flow rates achievable.

To discuss your application please contact us on +44 (0) 1283 732 339.


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