Munition Carriers



Product NameProduct NumberProduct NameProduct Number
MCU 100PN00368GCU F1 DrawerPN00606
MCU 200PN00020GCU F4 DrawerPN00607
GCU UnitsGCU Carousel (Each)PN00608
TEP700PN00467GCU TrolleyPN00609

MCU Series

The Munitions Carrier Unit MCU Series provides employers and employees with a safe, practical and affordable method for storage and transport of operational ammunition used by EOD Teams and Special Forces. As a result, MCU helps reduce the explosive hazard by segregating and protecting each explosive item because of Energetic’s SABREMATTM material system.

In addition, they have the following characteristics:

  • SABREMATTM consequently reduces the risk of injury to users and the public in case of an explosive event
  • Prevents sympathetic detonation – in other words, no propagation
  • Reduces external blast effects
  • Segregated compartments – so consequently, no explosives cross mitigation
  • Suitable for storage of wide variety and combinations of ready use ammunition, such as:
  • Plastic explosives, Safety fuses, Window breakers, Match fuse, 50 cal cartridges, Plastic sheet explosive and Linear cutting charges

MCU 100

Suitable for Plastic explosives, Detonating cord and Detonators (electric and plain)

Length:41cm / 16 inches
Width:34cm / 13 inches
Depth:17cm / 7 inches
Weight:5 kgs / 11 lbs
All weights and dimensions approximate and subject to change

MCU 200

In addition to having the characteristics of the MCU100, the MCU 200 is likewise suitable for:

–Plastic Explosives

–Plastic Sheet Explosives

–Detonators (electric and plain)

–Safety Fuzes

–Detonator Cords

–Cartridge Window breakers

–Match Fuzes

–.50 cal cartridge

–Linear Cutting Charge

Length:53 cm / 21 inches
Width:43 cm / 17 inches
Depth:23 cm / 9 inches
Weight:14 kgs / 31 lbs
All weights and dimensions approximate and subject to change.


Grenade Containment Units

  • The GCU can reduce the UN Hazard Classification and compatibility group of certain munitions 1.2F to 1.4S. Consequently this improves personnel safety when storing and transporting grenades in a ready state. Therefore, the unit is suitable for the military, the police and canine units, and in addition, is used by the French Gendarmerie.
  •  Transports up to 1.5kg of armed explosives per tray (75g TNT per chamber)
  •  In addition, they are also suitable for explosives samples
  •  Contains blast and secondary fragments consequently protecting personnel when in the same vehicle
  •  Most importantly, they prevent sympathetic detonation
  •  Above all, they are easy to fit in suitable vehicle
  •  In conclusion they have very low maintenance costs


SpecificationsFRAMED SET (standard)GCU F1 DrawerGCU F4 Drawer
Weight:24 kgs / 53 lbs (frame only)138 kgs / 304 lbs154 kgs / 340 lbs
Internal Chambers:20 x Dia. 70mm x D 103mm / (3" x 4")20 x Dia. 70mm x D 183mm / (3" x 7")
All weights and dimensions approximate and subject to change

Time Expired Pyrotechnic – TEP 700

The TEP 700 Time Expired Pyrotechnic Mitigation Unit enables the HT4 storage and UN 1.4S Hazard Classification transportation of time expired pyrotechnics in one unit. In other words, the design allows the complete mitigation of flame and flare effects and as a result eliminates propagation within the unit.The rapid burn and high temperatures of pyrotechnics is suppressed utilising our SABREMATTM materials. Consequently this enables large storage NEQs with a small footprint.

Compact modular design that can, above all, be ADAPTED to a variety of payloads

HT4 Storage and UN 1.4S transportation packaging in one bundle consequently  minimising the handling of TEPs after receipt

The design eliminates propagation within the unit, as a result, reducing the risk to a single flare burn

Complete mitigation of flame and flare effects

Lightweight, therefore,can be manoeuvred by just one person

Small footprint for large NEQ storage solution. To clarify this point: 35kg NEQ within a footprint of just 300mm x 500mm.

1.4 SHT4 Fixed Storage
Adaptable modular construction to suit your requirement
Disposal operations and TEPs evaluation training available through ETL
Complete storage and transport solution also offered






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