Anti Mine Boots


Landmines: cheap, indiscriminate and lethal. In 2016, 26 people per day were killed or lost a limb to landmines. As a result, they remain a deadly problem with minefields present in 61 countries around the world.

The PPE100 Anti Mine Boot has been unavailable for several years but has been re-introduced now due to overwhelming customer demand. They are now available to mine clearance teams to help protect their personnel from the traumatic damage caused by anti-personnel mines.

The multi-layered composite design reduces the effect of the blast and fragments on the feet and legs which reduces the injury significantly. Furthermore, the knee length ballistic gaiters prevent flash burns and limit fragment penetration into the lower legs.

Customer testing has shown the outstanding effectiveness of the PPE100 with the best protective performance, comfort and usability of any anti-landmine boot on the market for charges up to 56g C4.

The PPE100 Anti-Mine Boot:

– significantly reduces the level of injury

– the composite sole shields and reduces the effects of shock and blast over pressure on the foot

– gaiters protect against flash burns and fragment penetration on the legs

– a strong upper section supports the lower leg, foot and ankle

– diminishes the effect of land mines on both legs

– easy to walk in and comfortable to wear all day

PPE100 Anti-Mine Boots are built to order and are issued with a two-year warranty..

PPE 100Specifications (UK size 9 example) 
Weight: Boot (each): 1.6kg/3.5lbs
Total weight per boot: 2.3kg/5.1lbs
Inner (each): 0.3kg/0.7lbs
Gaiter (each): 0.4kg/0.9lbs
Available in UK sizes 7 – 11.5All weights and dimensions approximate and subject to change
Gaiters can be supplied in various colours or camouflage pattern



Testing the PPE100 Anti Mine Boot against a standard Army Boot with 56g / C4 of explosive.

PPE100 Mine Boots Endorsement

July 2019

Energetics Technology Ltd (ETL) has recently supplied its PPE100 Mine Boots to the Pakistan Frontier Corps. The boots provide protection to de-mining teams working to clear anti-personnel mines from the regions around Pakistan’s borders. The PPE100 boots were chosen after comprehensive testing proved the boots performance against surrogate anti-personnel mines. Typical requirements of mine boots are that they must be a rugged, durable boot that does not impede mobility in all types of terrain (mountains, plains, desert and desert terrain). In addition, the boots need to ensure mobility to the user whilst under fire, standing, kneeling, sliding or crawling. Typically, the user should be able to flex and curl the toes, arch the foot and the boots should provide good ankle movement to the user. The boots typically need to be able to be put on and taken off quickly and simply, and generally be comfortable to wear over extended periods. The PPE100 Mine Boots protect against several specified mine types, out-performing competitor products. See table below: –

The Mine Boots are supplied with gaiters which are worn to add further protection to the user. The following communique was received by a senior officer regarding ETL’s PPE100 Mine Boots.

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