Medium Velocity AMMUNITION

(40mm) 40 x 51 mm medium velocity ammunition is a new system that allows greater firing distances and improved accuracy over traditional low velocity ammunition.

Energetics Technology’s unique propulsion system ensures surprisingly low levels of recoil and breach pressure, and has been extensively tested in multi-shot weapons such as the XRGL40 as well as under-barrel launchers.

40 x 51mm ammunition is available in a whole suite of natures as a direct replacement wherever low velocity ammunition falls short.

•             Unique design allows our 40 x 51mm ammunition to be used in both single and multi-shot weapons systems.

•             Ammunition achieves ranges of 850m for area effects and accurate target marking.

•             It provides superior accuracy at short ranges with a flatter trajectory.

•             With a 220g projectile and low recoil forces (<60J) real effects can be delivered to target.

•             The 40mm munitions extraordinary performance is enabled by high precision machining,

materials control and manufacture.

•             Developed with support from weapon manufacturers (Rippel Effect Pty)

•             Customised versions can be quickly developed, manufactured and range tested at Energetics Technology’s

UK MOD’s approved facility.

850 Metre RangeTrainingHigh ExplosiveParachute IlluminatingTarget Marker
Measurements:40 x 130 mm (max)40 x 135 mm (max)40 x 135 mm (max)40 x 130 mm (max)
Net explosive content:20 gs (max)75 - 95 gs80 gs95-100 gs
Weight of cartridge:approx. . 280 gsapprox. . 280 gsapprox. . 280 gsapprox. . 280 gs
Weight of projectile approx.220 gs220 gs205 gs220 gs
Velocity V4 approx.110 m/s110 m/s110 m/s110 m/s
Chamber Pressure170 bar (nominal)170 bar (nominal)170 bar (nominal)170 bar (nominal)
Warranty (in original packaging)3 years3 years3 years3 years
Service Life (in original packaging)5 years5 years5 years5 years


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