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 Specialists in Energetics & Blast Protection


NEW! Blast Resistant Litter Bin:  Halo 80 Plus

June 2018

Energetics Technology presents an important new development in the field of public and infrastructure protection -the Halo 80 Plus.

The Halo 80 is a proven and popular blast protective litter bin for mid and low level threats. Using a brand new technology (patent applied for) Energetics Technology have developed the Halo 80 Plus.

With extensively improved protective performance against higher explosive overpressures and increased protection from high velocity fragments, the Halo 80 Plus defines a whole new level in blast protection for a small size bin.

Another new innovation and despite its small size, the Halo 80 Plus does not need to be bolted to the ground. This gives a saving on potentially expensive installation costs and enables the bin to be moved should the threat location change.

The Halo 80 Plus has been awarded a seven star rating in UK Home Office tests.

Future Event Attendance

Energetics Technology Ltd will have a stand at the 2019 Security & Policing Home Office Government Show 5-7th March. Security & Policing 2019 


Gatwick Airport - Halo 80 Litter Bin on the new departure level

A Halo 80 Litter Bin is featured in an article about Gatwick Airport in Issue 1, 2016 of the International Airport Review magazine. See our product in the "Passenger Flow" supplement on page 8. The new passenger departure level at Gatwick Airport has had a huge investment to transform the passenger experience. It will become the worlds largest self-service bag drop zone, and Energetics products form part of the security infrastructure.

New AMT Detonator Pouch - available April 2016

We are now launching our latest innovative product, the AMT Detonator Pouch.

The product has been developed specifically for IED / OED teams following feedback from visitors and clients to our exhibition events.  This new AMT detonator pouch enables the detonator and any residual explosive to be isolated during the disarming process. The AMT detonator pouch also reduces the hazard class of a recovered detonator from 1.1B to 1.4S* (BAM Cert pending) during transport. 


The product will be available mid April 2016 following certification and will be launched at ‘Security & Counter Terror Expo 2016’ stand A16 .


The AMT detonator pouch is an exciting addition to our expanding production range. 

Further information available on request. 

ETL were at DSEI

Featured article in the DSEI Daily - Day 1 (janes.com/dsei)

What Better Endorsement - by Sam J Basch

One of the latest international ammunition manufacturers using the South African developed handheld 40mm XRGL40 extended-range grenade launcher for development purposes is the UK's Energetics Technology Ltd (ETL). Having embarked on developing a range of 40mm medium-velocity grenades, ETL opted for the Rippel Effect Systems launcher.

In addition to the XRGL40, Rippel Effect were also showing their electronically programmable multi-velocity GR40 sight, which allows the operator to choose between different ammunition types that can be fired with the XRGL40.

"Medium-velocity grenades in 40x51mm calibre afford the operator the advantage of hitting a target accurately at 800m range, essential for our range of specialist payloads, which is what Rippel Effect's XRGL40 was designed to achieve," said Dr. Peter Jemmett of ETL. "Two years of development work on the medium-velocity grenade, extensively using the Rippel Effect launcher, culminated in ETL securing an important contract with a European client."

.....Dawid Fourie, business development executive of Rippel Effect said: "The XRGL40 is now operational with the armed forces of 10 countries around the world, from Southeast Asia through the Middle East to Latin America."

An important feature of the XRGL40 is its ability to fire both standard 40x46mm low-velocity and 40x51mm medium-velocity grenades, as well as the latest less lethal ammunition from the same weapon without any reconfiguration. This makes it ideal for peacekeepers and law enforcement agencies, whose operations sometimes preclude the use of excessive force.

XRGL40 launcher with GR40 multi-velocity sighting system

Stand N6-390


40mm Ammunition Product Range

Energetics Technology Ltd have developed a range of medium velocity ammunition for use with under barrel and multi-shot launchers capable of deploying a range of payloads including training, parachute illuminating and high explosive. PRIMETAKE are exhibiting at DSEI and will be launching the new ETL Range.


Multi-Shot Grenade Launchers

XRGL40® 40mm Extended Range Multi-shot Grenade Launcher (40mm MGL)

Rippel Effect designed its handheld 40mm XRGL40®extended range grenade launcher as a lightweight area weapon and force multiplier for extreme firepower and non-lethal applications. See the launcher at DSEI.

New Litter Bin protection standard

Energetics are soon to release a 10 Star rated litter bin which will provide the highest level of public protection possible. For further details contact the sales team.


To enable easier design and simulation of projects utilising blast protecting bins, Energetics have also launched new software models in “.ifc” format file. Please contact us directly for more information.

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