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SABREMATTM building protection is easy and rapid to install using established building techniques. The panels can be cut to shape to allow for window and door apertures. Furthermore, the composite layers of the cladding panels each diminish different properties of an explosion, hence reducing and stopping surface damage to key infrastructure in high risk areas.

•             Protects against fragmentation

•             Protects against blast over pressure

•             Reduces reflected pressure

•             Reduces risk of secondary fragmentation

•             Sound attenuating

•             Easy to install

•             Easy to maintain

•             Suitable for external or internal use

SABREMATTM building protection should be used wherever infrastructure may be threatened:

•             For instance, walls of existing and newly constructed buildings

•             Car parks, tunnels and delivery areas

•             Gate houses, compounds and perimeter walls

•             Free-standing stand-off walls to protect historic buildings

•             Checkpoints

•             Semi-permanent modular walls for search area/EOD work

•             Discreet but effective cladding in reception areas

•             Modular walls around scanning/left luggage

•             “Holding” rooms for suspected bombers

•             Baggage reconciliation room

•             Explosives storage areas

•             Structural pillars, etc.

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