Specialists in Energetics & Blast Protection
 Specialists in Energetics & Blast Protection

Company Overview

ETL is a technology driven company focusing on research and development of energetic materials, products and payloads for integration into ordnance systems. Based at our UK facilities we provide a range of products and services to security forces and defence manufacturers including:

  • Design & manufacture of specialist energetic products
  • Research & development into HE and pyrotechnic compositions
  • Explosives & weapon system evaluations
  • CIED training & supply of EOD equipment


With our extensive experience in this field we have secured contracts for the design and evaluation of 40mm medium velocity ammunition, pyrotechnic wire cutters and several next generation pyrotechnic products. Our flexible UK manufacturing facilities enable us to offer a fast response tailored to our customers’ needs. As such we are well placed to meet the requirements of a growing market for specialised defence products.

We also offer a range of commercial pyrotechnics including SOLAS approved products as well as high explosives in small quantities for training purposes.

Currently working in Patnership with a wide range of companies

Please call us on +44 0 1283 732339 or email enquiries@energetics-technology.com

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